Rather than simply disposing of excess inventory of apparel and textile companies, SMASELL sees the value in it, and shares it on a global scale. 

The online marketplace for the textile and fashion industries, where inventory is bought and sold business-to-business

SMASELL is an online marketplace that views "deadstock" inventory as a resource. It enables businesses to quickly, easily, and efficiently sell and buy inventory to and from other businesses.

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Solving the problems facing the textile and fashion industries with the power of design.


An ethical, organic, made-in-Japan lifestyle brand

Made-in-Japan brand with a new concept, creating modern, high-quality interior design basics from an ethical perspective.

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Professionals from different fields connect to create new value together. 

Branding Projects

By directly providing a comprehensive range of services, we develop powerful, innovative branding.



Branding, Consulting | Graphic, Editorial, Web | Space, Architecture | Animation, Illustration | Photography, Movie, Sound | Styling, Hair make | Planning of Interior / Fashion product

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